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Many companies today are faced with ever increasing demands from their customers, compounded by aggressive competition from overseas. In order to maintain a competitive edge, these companies are looking for outsourcing, either foreign or domestic, to reduce their costs and maintain or increase market share. Once a company considers the outsourcing business plan, a number of issues immediately come to the forefront. What new staff do I need to monitor the process? What special skill does this new staff need to have to make this process successful? How do I find the BEST sources to make my products? How do I know they are the best sources? Should I be looking at other countries and if so, which ones? How do I guarantee the quality of my products does not suffer? What happens if we change the design a little? IS IT ALL WORTH IT?

At The Global Connection we strive to answer all these questions and many more for our clients. Sometimes, it may not make sense to move a product offshore and if that is the case, we will tell you so. If a product should be moved, WHERE to move it is critical and dependant on a number of criteria. We can help you determine which products should be moved and where they should be moved. We can help you establish a Quality Assurance Program that will guarantee standards as high if not higher than for in-house production. We can act as a consultant giving guidance only, or we can set up a turn-key operation for you that allows you to order your custom products from world-wide sources as easily as placing an order at the local business supply store.

The Global Connection is not affiliated with any offshore government agency or vendor. Since we have no affiliation with any particular vendor, we can be unbiased in our vendor selection process. The only bias we have is the bias of making sure our clients are getting the best service and value available. We hold the confidentiality and privacy of our clients in very high regard. Therefore before any propriety material is passed along for quotations, we make sure that agreements are in place to protect the rights of our clients. We don’t deal with corrupt companies, officials, or governments. We don’t accept bribes and we won’t pay bribes, no matter how good the deal looks, PERIOD. If a client is looking to do something like this, we respectfully request that they take their business somewhere else.

If you are seriously considering looking for alternative sources for Product Development, Component or Whole Product Manufacture, Tooling or Total Project Management, let The Global Connection help you determine if the business tool of Outsourcing is right for you.

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