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The Global Connection understands the world of offshore outsourcing. We have been involved in this world for 20 years. We know what works and what does not work. We have located and qualified sources for large and small companies in businesses such as Medical Instrumentation, Consumer Electronics, Irrigation, Tooling, Plastic, and Computers.

We understand global supply, both its strengths and weaknesses. We cut through the “spin” and understand that some global destinations are better for some products and not as good for others.

We understand one of the most critical elements in foreign sourcing, which is the interface between the outsourcing firm and the vendor company. If this interface is not properly defined and established in advance, problems happen.

We will tailor our services to fit the client’s needs. We can locate a high quality source for a simple component part. We can arrange the complete design, development, and manufacture of an electronic system. We can relocate an entire assembly line to a country half way around the world and make purchasing as easy as filling out a Purchase Order. How we can best be of assistance to our clients is determined by what the client wants to accomplish, where they are now in the process, and the structure and internal environment of their company

We can help you set up a complete importation system within your organization and then “just get out of the way”. Or, we can function as a turnkey sourcing division of your company. Whatever works for the client works for The Global Connection.

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