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Q. Why should my company consider outsourcing?
A. Outsourcing is rapidly becoming an accepted management tool for redefining the corporation. It forces managers to rethink the traditional vertically integrated form of organization. Perhaps a more flexible structure based on core competencies and long-term outside relationships.

Q. How do I know if my particular product or component is a good candidate for outsourcing?
A. This is the first part of the equation for outsourcing. The Global Connection will work with your Management, Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Purchasing to review your company structure and the product you wish to outsource. Together, we will look at all the variables and determine if your product or component will have a high chance of success and we will quantify the cost vs. savings such a move would produce.

Q. Who determines which factory will be used?
A. Our client’s guidelines usually indicate what type of factory is required to manufacture their product. The Global Connection (TGC) will then locate the most qualified factory to ensure that the client’s requirements are met.

Q. Does TGC have a minimum order quantity?
A. Yes and No. TGC does not have a fixed minimum order quantity but in order to maximize the savings on low cost items, some minimum order quantities must be established. Higher cost items will need a smaller minimum quantity to justify outsourcing as a general rule.

Q. In general, how does an outsourcing project work, beginning to end?
A. All programs have unique elements to them. However, an example of a “typical program” with the steps involved can be reviewed by pressing the Sample Projects tab on the Home Page.

Q. Are Custom fees, Duties, etc. included in my Quotation?
A. TGC can structure quotations in any format that the client requests. However, normally we prepare quotations that include all charges including product cost, transportation including sea, land, or air, all custom clearance, duties, and fees. The quote you get can be compared “apples-to-apples" with a quotation from a supplier down the street.